Architecture & Urban Design

Cape Town Foreshore

The Shoreline as noted in the introduction is a development that hopes to bring the people of Cape Town together. The urban design proposal is concerned with shaping the physical environment to facilitate urban life in all its aspects. This is a complex task, which requires the integration and translation of different stakeholder interests into a proposition for the realisation of physical-spatial constructs in the Foreshore. The city of Cape Town and the Foreshore will continue to evolve, the Shoreline urban design offer ‘open ended solutions’ that aim to offer current and future projects an opportunity to integrate and contribute to the Shoreline development proposals. The main urban design components of the proposal are listed here.


Shoreline Park – The Shoreline Park link the Founder Garden site (Provincial Land) the Civic and the Cape Town Station and MyCity services to the Foreshore and inner city districts of Cape City

The Harbour walk – The Harbour Walk link the Royal Yacht Club and Culemborg city districts to the Cape Town International Convention Centre and V&A waterfront as well as create opportunities to link the development and the city to Cape Town Harbour and Table Bay districts in future.


Specific aspects of urban design considered important include:


Urban stitching – considering this development as an opportunity to integrate Cape Town city districts as well as facilitate future city development in the foreshore.

Mixed Use Districts – Establishing a mixed use district with city blocks that respond appropriately to the context of its setting and to existing public transport opportunities. Each city block’s land use and mix of uses is unique and respond to the location in the city.