Architecture & Urban Design

Gauteng Central

The Gauteng Central precinct is a housing-focused mixed-use development located in Midrand, midway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. The precinct urban philosophy embodies transit-oriented design (TOD) principles with an emphasis on walkability, compactness, quality public spaces, a network of green spaces, and a suitable mixture of uses that support the housing component of the project. The site is located east of the Midrand Gautrain Station, is adjacent to the Grand Central Airport and less than 2km from the N1 highway, and is less than three kilometres north of Waterfall City, the fastest growing urban node in the region. The development offers the opportunity to expand the transport, economic, and community linkages in the Midrand node, as well as linkages with the region more broadly.

The development seeks to create an urban environment that fosters inclusivity and provides access to affordable housing, social amenities, and transportation opportunities. The architectural form-making within the precinct is responsive and supports the urban design rationale with active fronts and passive backs, a range of public, semi-public, and private spaces, and safe green outdoor spaces. Emphasis is placed on the integration of green infrastructure and sustainable development strategies that provide responsible methods for managing stormwater, will create quality ecosystems for fauna and flora, and that result in a range of recreational and exercise spaces for residents of Gauteng Central.