Architecture & Urban Design

Infill House

Infill House, on the slopes of Signal Hill above Bantry Bay in Cape Town, sits on a site that has breathtaking views up the mountain and across the Atlantic. The clients requested a comfortable, functional house for easy-living with a simple and natural exterior that, while timeless, was also daring and unusual. The house sits in harmony with the landscape and its magnificent setting.

The design has two long boxes arranged around a courtyard connected by a circulation block of modular exposed concrete. Sea views are revealed from an extensive entrance hall where a top-lit stairway descends to the two lower levels, becoming lighter and more transparent as solid walls give way to a beautifully crafted oak balustrade and screen. Sunlight and air is controlled passively by way of sliding doors and timber screens. The relationship with nature is enforced by a selection of strip windows that frame views and the courtyard with White Stinkwoods that give testament to the seasons.

Completed 2007