Architecture & Urban Design

NICD Laboratory

The project brief called for the design of a premier tuberculosis (TB) research lab for the Southern Africa region in Sandringham, Johannesburg. Given the important nature of the structure, the design concept was envisioned in order to complement the function taking place within the building. The signature building envelope comprises individual pre-cast concrete panels each measuring 5,380mm in height and weighing an average of 4 tons. Arranged in groups of four, the punctured apertures on the face of the panels complete the DNA code of the TB-causing bacterium.

This pattern is repeated on the North, East, and West Elevations. Due to the nature of work conducted in the Lab, the internal environment is designed as a contained environment hence the need for external openings is omitted. A hierarchy of spaces is observed as one moves from the public, through the semi-public to the private areas where only staff members are allowed.

Completed 2009