Architecture & Urban Design

Blueberry Hill

Situated on 75ha of land in Blue Downs, Cape Town, this scheme brings together the private sector and government to provide a housing solution that unlocks residential stock for the affordable housing market, within a setting that supports a truly sustainable human settlement that is based on a town structure that consists of tried and tested urban design principles.

The Blueberry Hill project is groundbreaking in that the product focuses first on the overall package rather than on the individual units. The vision for Blueberry Hill is to create a town where individuals can feel at home in an environment that supports their growth and which provides social, economic, and spiritual opportunities within close proximity. The aim is to limit one’s dependence on income-draining uses such as long-distance travel, energy consumption, and retro-fit security measures. Once the structure of the town is in place and sound, then the houses will feel part of a logical whole.