Architecture & Urban Design


Situated on over 100ha of land in Knysna, Heidevallei can be seen as a network of interrelated uses and ideas that support lifestyle. It is not just a collection of houses, but a place where children, parents, and grandparents, can interact on a daily basis. It offers a little something for everyone, within a natural setting that calls for conservation of the landscape, remembrance of the past, and easy access to life’s necessities.

Lifestyle is not merely a marketing tool. It is a convenience-oriented way of life providing people with places that meet their economic, physical, recreational, and spiritual needs. A community that maintains its longevity is vital in creating a desirable human settlement; one which offers freedom of choice, easy access to public amenities, open space, and job opportunities. Heidevallei residents will not have to commute for hours or long distances to get to places of employment, instruction, medical care, or recreation since there is a local retail node to provide employment and small businesses or home enterprises to generate local economies.