Architecture & Urban Design


Kgoro, or ‘the entrance gate’ (from Sotho-Tswana), was traditionally the domain of the gatekeeper, and the first point of contact on entering a village. It’s the place where the identity, the emblem, and the totem (sereto) of the peoples of the village are displayed. It was also the place where visitors declared themselves and their business.

Kgoro is positioned to generate a new attitude towards public life in Sandton. It’s a thriving commercial node, a gateway into the region, a metropolitan transport interchange, home to the Gautrain, a centre for artistic expression, a civic node, and a hub of social activity for a great number of people. This new attitude hinges on creating a memorable place for the people of Johannesburg, where they’re offered many choices for self-expression on a daily basis. The Kgoro project embraces the ideals of an Afropolitan city, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Contemporary Art Museum and Kgoro Square. These form the pillars on which Kgoro builds the special identity of a new civic heart of Sandton: a place for national and international interaction, meeting, and gathering; a place that is both sophisticated and relaxed, and that inspires creativity and expresses aspects of contemporary South African culture. The Kgoro phenomenon is a hopeful vision for future development in Johannesburg. It aims to leave an authentic legacy for the city’s future generations. Kgoro Gateway will be among the most memorable places in southern Africa.