Architecture & Urban Design

Sandton Drive Link Bridge

The Sandton Drive Link Bridge will provide a pedestrian connection over Sandton Drive from the south to the north. This project seeks to provide a rational endpoint for the cycle route from Rosebank, and safe, comfortable access for pedestrians to get across Sandton Drive. The bridge currently terminates at Sandton City Shopping Centre which has the capacity to provide all the required amenities that accompany an end-of-route facility. Light box elements are visual beacons for pedestrians on the bridge. Visual transparency is achieved through laser-cut patterns in the cladding.

The Bridge will provide a direct passage for pedestrians, at an elevated level, across Sandton Drive, and into Sandton City, making it easy to use and providing universal access. Through the construction of this bridge, we aim to ensure that the heart of the Sandton CBD becomes more accessible by giving better access to mobility-impaired users, pedestrians, cyclists, and those making use of public transport.