Architecture & Urban Design


Tramways Phase 1 is a mixed-use development located on the edge of the historical Trafalgar Park of Woodstock, Cape Town. It was originally a non-descript industrial saw-tooth that was built to service the Cape Town trams, more recently it had fallen into disrepair and neglect. The design was developed around a new public square with food and coffee shops opening onto Trafalgar Park.

The existing saw-tooth roof was raised with new slabs cast for parking and office use. The grittiness and roughness of the building stock in the precinct is embraced by celebrating the imperfections and texture. Walls have been painted back and planted with creepers which in time will envelop the building in green.

Phase 2 framework and ordering structure was completed leaving the infill glazing and fit out for later completion. It is hoped that in time the new public square will provide a catalyst for the regeneration of Trafalgar Park.